Designed With Adaptability In Mind

The Sta-Collar® is easy to install and enables fast operation of up to five assembly cycles per minute - as much as four times faster than currently available products. There are no pieces to pre-assemble — just simple automated clamping and spot-welding processes that adapt easily onto your line. The entire assembly can take place before the finish is applied, further simplifying the process. Its design allows positioning within tighter tolerances for more precise placement on the bar. Overall, its design and adaptability provide a cost-effective solution.

The Sta-Collar® provides superior push-off capability, consistently exceeding 300-1300 pounds, dependent on design and application. The one-piece design offers long life durability and strength.


For applications in which high push-off performance is required Sta-Collar can be engineered to satisfy clearance requirements.

Sta-Collar® Diagram
Sample of Size/Bar Surface vs. Performance
16MM 36 26 8 350 LBS. POWER COAT
18MM 40 28 8 700 LBS. SHOT PEENED
21MM 44 32 10 350 LBS. POWDER COAT
24MM 47 40 11 900 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
27MM 52 40 10 500 LBS. POWDER COAT
30MM 56 50 11 1100 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
34MM 56 50 11 1250 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
37MM 62 55 11 1500 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
40MM 59 50 10 1700 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
46MM 65 55 10 1800 LBS. SHOT-PEENED
Sta-Collar® Photo

In testing the Sta-CollarĀ® we have made the following observations:

Surface Finish

  • Peel or blast finished stabilizer bars achieve higher push-off values compared to smooth finished bars.
  • Smooth finished stabilizer bars provide better-controlled diameter tolerance and more consistent push-off performance when compared to the rougher finished bars.

(Note: The Sta-Collar® is engineered to provide push-off performance well above requirements, thus negating resultant fluctuation attributed to surface finish.)

Temperature Variation

  • Testing performed on the Sta-Collar® assembled on stabilizer bar pieces showed no reduction in push-off performance when subjected to temperatures of +70°C to -40°C.

Cycle Testing

  • Cycle testing performed on specific platform suspension systems by Sta-Collar® customers has showed no failure.
  • No on-vehicle failures have been reported during road testing or after sale.

Manufacturers of the Sta-Collar®