Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Sta-Collar® compare in cost to other available products or methods?

    The Sta-Collar® is actually less expensive, for several reasons:

    • Its one-piece design requires less handling and is simpler to assemble.
    • As supplied (with an opening larger than the bar itself) the Sta-Collar® can slide over any portion of the bar, whether straight or curved. Other alternative products can pose a problem sliding over the bar and around bends with smaller radii.
    • The bar can be painted with the collar already assembled.

  2. How reliable is the Sta-Collar® vs. current alternatives?

    Test results show consistently higher push-off forces, and no loss of performance due to temperature variation.

  3. What if my application includes a clearance problem?

    Your Sta-Collar® will be engineered to accommodate your specific push-off and clearance requirements. We must incorporate minimum limits relating to the surface areas of the weld tabs and hinges. However, most applications require clearance or notching of the collar in a specified area only - not around the entire perimeter of the collar.

  4. What type of material is the Sta-Collar® made of?

    Typically, 1008/1010 draw quality steel is used. The Sta-Collar® is usually painted after assembly on the bar; this enables the use of an economical material.

  5. Can the Sta-Collar® accommodate a wide range of push-off requirements?

    Yes. Current configurations enable push-off capacities ranging from 300 to well over 1000 pounds. We will work with your engineers to design a Sta-Collar® that meets your needs in terms of push-off capacity, size and shape.

  6. How is the Sta-Collar® assembled on the stabilizer bar?

    It depends on your requirements. In a typical assembly line, automated machinery precisely positions the Sta-Collar® on the bar, clamps it into position and spot-welds it. The clamping and welding machinery can also be operated manually. We will work in conjunction with your machine designer/builder, or one of our machine suppliers will work with you to optimize the assembly process according to your needs.

  7. Is special handling of the stabilizer bar required after the collar is assembled?

    Typically, assembled bars with collars are stacked on racks or partitioned in crates to prevent damage to the bars and/or collars through bar-to-bar contact.

  8. Does the Sta-Collar® require special handling, shipping or packaging?

    Experience has shown that the smaller Sta-Collar® can be bulk packaged for manual loading into your assembly machines. Returnable stacking magazines have also been designed to accommodate larger sizes and high-production applications. We will work with your packaging and shipping engineers to develop a solution that meets your requirements.

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